Step 1 – Prepare to collect your sample

  • Radon in water testing is performed by collecting a sample of your water. The goal is to collect fresh, cold water straight from your water source or well.
  • If you have a tap, faucet, or water source straight from the well, use it for sample collection.
  • If you have any aerators, filters, or holding tanks, please bypass these devices as they will remove radon from the water and skew your test result.
  • If you cannot bypass these devices, allow the water to run until any holding tanks and pipes are cleared and fresh water straight from your source is running through.

Step 2 – Collect your sample

  • You need to collect a sample of water in the vial with no air bubbles or headspace. The vial should be 100% filled with water.
  • To do this, slowly fill a bowl or deep pan, disturbing the water as little as possible. Submerge the vial open side up until it has filled. The vial does not contain any preservatives or hazardous chemicals.
  • While still holding the vial underwater, submerge the cap and remove air from it by turning the cap upside down.
  • Screw the cap on the vial while both are still submerged. This should eliminate any air bubbles.
  • Remove the vial from the water and check for air bubbles by flipping it upside down

Step 3 – Ship your sample to the lab

  • Complete all information on the enclosed test information sheet.
  • On a separate piece of paper that you will keep for your records, please record the test serial number, collection date, and date you shipped the sample to the lab at the below address:

    11 Awl Street Medway MA 02053

  • Immediately ship your sample in the provided packaging to the lab. A delay in shipment could invalidate your test.

For additional questions regarding Radon in Water, please refer to our F.A.Q.

You can also download these instructions clicking here: