Severe winter weather has hit the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, rendering much of the region without power. Road conditions are poor and delivery services are unable to deliver mail. FedEx, UPS are not delivering on Monday – Wednesday (2/15 – 2/17). USPS will deliver on 2/17- 2/19 . We expect FedEx will deliver on 2/18 but this is not guaranteed. Normal FedEx and UPS deliveries are expected to return on 2/19.

Our lab will continue to operate as best as we can under these extreme conditions. We have minimal staff in the office to receive mail and start the time-sensitive portion of analysis promptly. We expect to resume normal operations on Friday, 2/19.

We will make every attempt to meet our standard of service for Lab Rush Service and Pro Express tests, but cannot make any guarantees at this moment. Customers should expect delays with their test results.

Per our standard policies, we will provide replacement tests for any tests which are invalid as a result of delays caused by this weather event.

Customer service staff is working remotely. Please email us at for assistance or text 972-325-2777. Our phones are turned off but we will return voicemails. Please expect return calls to come from a blocked number.

Orders will be shipped out as soon as possible but specific guarantees cannot be made at this point in time.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this difficult time. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused by this extreme weather event and will do everything in our power to resume normal operations promptly.