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Limit 5 per customer

Short Term Radon Test (2-4 days)Contains:

  • Activated Charcoal Radon Sampler (1)
  • Test Information Sheet (1)
  • Return Mailer (1)


  • Inexpensive, accurate, and quick radon tests
  • Best for preliminary testing
  • 48-96 hour exposure time
  • Not sure which radon test to choose? Click here

IMPORTANT: Only purchases for Ohio homeowners will be honored. If you are not an Ohio homeowner, please click on Orders -> Radon Kits and proceed to the purchase kit option.


Real Estate Twin Pack – Short Term Contains:

  • Short Term Radon Samplers (2)
  • Test Information Sheet (1)
  • Prepaid return postage included (FedEx 2nd Day Mailer, a $15 value!)


  • Our best value for short term tests
  • Can be used for Real Estate Transactions
  • Two radon samplers deployed side by side



Long Term Radon Test (91-365 days) Contains:

  • Alpha Track Radon Test Device (1)
  • Test Information Card (1)
  • Return Mailer (1)


  • Provides an accurate picture of average radon levels over longer periods of time
  • Best used for follow-up testing
  • 91-365 day exposure time
  • Not sure which radon test to choose? Click here



Radon in Water Test (one test)Contains:

  • Water Sample Vial (1)
  • Test Information Page (1)
  • Not sure if you should test for Radon in Water? Click here


  • Tests water for radon
  • Best used for well water sources or non-municipal water
  • Best used as a follow-up test to a Short Term Radon Test.





Visible Mold Test Kit (up to 8 tests) Contains:

  • Cover/Information Card (1)
  • Test Sample Card (1)
  • Tape Sample Strips (6)
  • Bulk Sample Bags (2)
  • Rush Service Insert (1)


  • Best used for testing visible mold samples
  • Can take up to 8 samples per test kit
  • Separate Lab Analysis Fee required
  • Pay only for the samples you need – more cost efficient!


Airborne Mold Test Kit (3 tests)Contains:

  • Pump (1)
  • Clear Tubing (1)
  • Sampling Cassettes (3)
  • Information Pamphlet (1)
  • Return Shipping Label (1)


  • Samples air for airborne mold particles
  • Best used with airborne mold is a health concern
  • Simple to use and provides accurate picture of mold levels in your air