We at Alpha Energy Labs are required to maintain certain certifications and licenses in order operate, but we aim to have top quality products and services that go above and beyond. Each year we have either met or exceeded the standard for every certification we hold. Throughout the 30 years we’ve been in business, we have striven to provide some of the best testing products and services that we can – a practice that we still uphold today. Our lab has always been in compliance with all regulatory requirements, is audited regulatory, and has never failed a laboratory audit.

Simply put, our tests are the #1 choice for professionals, governments, and homeowners for a reason – our quality speaks for itself.

Certifications and licenses are listed below:

National Certifications – Laboratory

    •  National Radon Proficiency Program (NRPP)
      • Laboratory – 101132 AL
      • Paul Fletcher, Residential & Multifamily Tester – 101815 RT
      • Owen Reese, Residential & Multifamily Tester – 109252 RT
      • Radanova Laboratory – 1078310 AL
        • note: Radanova is a partner lab that provides the analysis for our Long Term (Alpha Track) devices

National Certifications – Devices

    • NRPP Device Certifications:
      • Short Term – AC-8202
      • Long Term – AT-8301

State Certifications

(note: not all states require additional certifications beyond the national level)

Additional Certifications