Step 1 – Prepare for your test

  1. Choose your sampling method. You may choose to take both types of samples.
    1. Method 1 – Visual Sampling (recommended method) – Involves taking a sample of visual mold growth. You can take up to six samples with this method.
    2. Method 2 – Bulk Sampling – Allows you to take a sample of material (carpet, pad, tile, etc.) and test for the presence and type of mold. You can take up to two samples with this method.
  2. Fill out the information portion of the test card. Please print clearly.
  3. Before you test, look for discoloration and/or leaks in areas such as the air conditioning system, under sinks, plumbing accesses, attics, windowsills, closets, flooring around commodes, baseboards, showers and tubs, behind refrigerators, and behind washers and dryers. These are common places to test for visual mold.

Step 2 – Take mold samples

  1. When you are ready to start sampling, use the tape (method 1) or bags (method 2) included with the kit and only test areas that are indoors.
    1. Method 1 – Gently press the sticky side of the tape to the area of concern. Apply the tape strip to the appropriate location on the test card. Do not press hard on the sample area. This may crush spores and invalidate the test.
    2. Method 2 – Cut a small piece (2” x 2”) of the bulk sample in the contaminated area and place in the zip lock bag. Write the location of the sample on the outside of the zip lock bag using permanent marker. In the event that your kit is missing bags, you may substitute zip lock style double-seal plastic bags.
  2. On the enclosed information card, record the location where you took each sample above. Be certain to record this information separately for your own records

Step 3 – Send samples to lab for analysis

  1. For method 1 sampling, place the exposed tape strip to its designated area on the card. Do not press on the tested area of the tape strip as this will crush spores and invalidate your test.
  2. For method 2 sampling, ensure that the bags are sealed and place in the return envelope.
  3. Mail the test kit with completed information card and lab analysis fee in the form of check, cash, money order, or credit card in the amount specified on your test kit. There is an analysis cost for each sample sent in to our lab. If you fail to include the lab fee, your test will not be analyzed. Please make checks payable to Alpha Energy Labs.
  4. Your test results will be mailed to you within 72 hours of receipt (business days only) of the test and the lab fee.
  5. If you need your test results expedited, you may choose to purchase rush analysis service. With rush service your test will be completed within 24 hours of receipt of test kit by our lab, excluding weekends. Your test information card will contain details on the price of rush service for your kit. For older kits, a rush service insert should be included. If your kit does not have an insert you may download one here. You must purchase rush analysis for all samples used to receive expedited results, i.e. you cannot rush process one of your three samples. You must choose rush for all samples or none.

You can also download these instructions clicking here: