COVID-19: Mandatory “Shelter in Place” Order

Our lab will be suspending non-essential operations effective 3/24.

The order currently expires April 3rd at which point we plan to resume normal operations.

UPDATED 3/25 at 2:17 PM Central Time

Dallas County has issued a mandatory “Shelter in Place” order, effective 3/24. Alpha Energy Laboratories will comply with this order as required by law.

As such, our laboratory will be reduced to minimum essential staff. We have made staffing adjustments and workspace adjustments in compliance with Dallas County law in order to allow lab operations to continue.

  • Customer service is working from home and is available to assist customers via email. Please email us at Phone calls will be routed to voicemail and we will return your call ASAP.
  • We will still be able to receive test kits and perform the time sensitive portion of analysis for radon tests which arrive in our lab.
  • This means your radon test will not lose accuracy during this time. However, we will be operating at substantially reduced capacity and cannot provide a specific timeline on the completion of test reports. Once the Shelter in Place order is lifted, we will resume normal operations immediately.
    • We will attempt to complete Lab Rush tests according to our normal standard of service. If we are unable to complete them on time, we will not charge the Lab Rush Fee.
  • Tests received prior to 3/24 will be completed and reported. Tests received on or after this time will not lose accuracy and will be analyzed and reported, however, analysis times may be increased from our normal analysis time of 3-5 business days. We will update this page when we are able to provide more specific information on the expected analysis times for tests arriving on or after 3/24.
  • As always, you can view the status of your test and an estimated completion timeline at

If you have already begun your radon test, you should complete the test and ship it to the lab. This will ensure your test will be valid and can be completed once normal operations resume.

If you have not yet started your radon test, you should wait until normal operations resume. We will update this page with any new information.

We recognize this is not an ideal situation and hope you and your business will not be impacted by this change in our operations. We are committed to doing everything possible to analyze your test and report it as quickly as possible, however we must abide by Dallas County Law and protect the safety of our employees.